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Kiitos Kukka - キートス・クッカ

アナベルリース #1

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Regarding delivery

Free delivery for 5,000 yen or more. If it is 5,000 yen or less, it is 1,210 yen (tax included) nationwide.

In the case of arrangement, we will start making after receiving your order, so we have time to ship. Please note.

Handling of dry flower

Dried flowers are very vulnerable to moisture. Mold may grow when stored in the place where it is dignified.

I am also not good at places where direct sunlight hits. It may cause fading.

When stored, please keep it in a well -ventilated, humid, non -direct sunlight.


Keats Kukka arrangements will be made carefully after receiving your order.

We will give you the use of usage and those who will be given, and we will make only one arrangement in the world according to that person.

You can exchange it on LINE, so you can enjoy the production process.

* Arrangements will be made after ordering. Therefore, it has been about 2 weeks to complete. The flower materials used may differ depending on the season.