Terms of service

The following terms are stipulated for the use of Ket Sukukka (hereinafter referred to as "this site") operated by Adventure Aid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").

Article 1 The range of these Terms
These Terms are provided on services provided by this site.

Article 2 members
1. After approving these Terms, the prescribed enrollment procedure is completed, and then the person who has approved it is "member".
2. If we determine that it is inappropriate to approve as a member, we may not accept the membership.
3. Only one member can register for "one member".

Article 3 Management of password
1. The membership of the password registered on this site and the responsibility for the use shall be all the members.
2. The transfer of passwords, buying and selling, lending, etc. is prohibited at all.
3. We shall not be liable for negligence in the use of passwords by members and any damages associated with the use of third parties. The indication of the intention to be made to the company using a password is regarded as an effective member's intention to fall under this password.

Article 4 member registration information
1. Membership registration information shall shall be owned by our company, and for information that can be identified by individuals (name, address, telephone number, e -mail address), in addition to the entrustments within the scope necessary for this service, the members. Except for those with the consent of the disclosure by the person, in principle, we will not provide outside the company.
2. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, in the following cases, a part of the member registration information (name / address) may be disclosed without the consent of the member.
(1) If it is determined to be disadvantaged to our company and other members or third parties, to disclose it to the police or related organizations
(2) Police, court, prosecutor's office, lawyers association, consumer center, or if an institution that has the same authority is requested to disclose registration information, we judge that we will respond to this.
(3) When our company determines that the disclosure is equivalent,
3. We shall not allow any false declarations for all items of the registered information to be filed by members at the time of enrollment.
4. If the member's registration information changes, the member shall immediately perform the prescribed procedure.

Article 5 Prohibition outside the range of private use
The member is also recognized by the Company (including a third party with a right to the information, including obtaining the consent of the third party through our company), is also duplicated by the company. , Sales, publishing, and other private use shall not be used beyond the range of private use.

Article 6 Prohibitions of members
1. We prohibit the following or fearful acts under the members.
(1) Act against public order and morals
(2) Acts leading to criminal acts
(3) Acts that violate laws and regulations, etc.
(4) Acts that infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights of our company and other members or third parties
(5) Acts that infringe the property, privacy, etc. of our company and other members or third parties
(6) Acts that give disadvantages to our company and other members or third parties
(7) Acts to slander and slander our company and other members or third parties
(8) Acts that interfere with the operation of this site, etc. or damage our trust
(9) All business acts using the status of our members who do not obtain our approval
(10) Acts that are similar to the election movement or similar to this, or acts that violate laws and regulations such as the Public Office Election Law
(11) Acts to make false answers to all questionnaires performed by our company, including enrollment procedures
(12) Acts to send or write harmful computer programs, etc.
(13) Acts to illegally use ID and password
(14) Other acts that our company deemed inappropriate as the members of the member

Article 7 Erasing membership qualifications
1. If the following items fall, we may delete the membership without prior notice or consent to the member.
(1) Prohibitions specified in Article 6 and other provisions of these Terms are violated.
(2) When the declaration information of the members at the time of enrollment and the subsequent questionnaire is intentionally declared and the company acknowledges it.
(3) When the password is used or used
(4) If we have an unauthorized act that we do not recognize
(5) If there is another act that we judged to be inappropriate
2. When eliminating qualifications, the members shall erase all the rights held by us.

Article 8 withdrawn
If a member withdraws from us, it shall notify us according to the prescribed procedure, and will be unsubscribed after the withdrawal procedure.

Article 9 Change of Terms
We may change these Terms at any time without prior notice or consent to members. The contents of the change shall be deemed to have been accepted by all members after one month displayed on this site. However, if an unexpected situation is expected, such as when a third party may be disadvantaged, the rules have been changed without waiting for the above period.

Article 10 Saving and suspension of service
1. We may suspend or suspend any of our services without prior notice or consent to members:
(1) In case of regular maintenance, update, and emergency situation of this site
(2) When it is difficult to continue operating this site due to unreasonable force such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
2. We will escape that responsibility, even if the members are disadvantaged or damaged by the above situation.

Article 11 Changes and discontinued services
1. We may change or cancel the service content of this site without prior notice or consent to members.
2. In the event that the service content is changed or discontinued based on the preceding paragraph, if the member is disadvantageous or damaged, we shall be exempt from that responsibility.

Article 12 Suspension of service
We may suspend the service of this site for a certain notice period.

Article 13 Handling of personal information
The personal information we have collected is handled as follows. We would like to agree with the following handling when customers provide personal information to us.
1. The purpose of use of this personal information is as follows.
(1) Member management
(2) Sales of products and services
(3) Packing and shipping business of products, etc.
(4) Provision of warranty and after -sales service (including customer inquiries, etc.)
(5) Information analysis (analysis of buyers, etc.)
(6) Information on new products and new services and conducting questionnaire to customers
2. We will not disclose or leak the above personal information to third parties. However, please note that this is not the case in the following cases.
(1) If the company and the outsourcing company are necessary for the disclosure of your name and address to the delivery company, the input of information such as names for original products, etc., it is necessary to fulfill your contract obligations for customers.
(2) When the court or other judicial agencies and administrative agencies request disclosure of customer information based on laws and regulations
(3) If it is necessary to protect the rights and property of our company, our affiliated companies, customers or third parties
(4) When a dispute between the customer and the other customer or the third party avoids the inconvenience or damage to our company or our company
(5) You can arbitrarily judge whether the customer provides information such as the name, address, etc. to us. However, if you cannot provide information such as your name, address, etc. from the customer, please note that we cannot provide this service to the customer.
(6) You can request our company to disclose your personal information about your name, address, phone number, etc. after entering the personal information. In addition, if the disclosure is incorrect in the personal information, the customer may request our company to correct or delete the personal information. If you are required to disclose, correction, or deletion, please contact the person in charge or consultation desk for your personal information in the following section.
(7) Administrators and inquiries provided by the personal information to be provided
The information desk
Address: 6-8-3, Tomioka, Teine-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Company name: Adventure Aid Co., Ltd.
Information security representative Seiki Ota
E-mail: info@adventure-aid.com

Article 14 Exemption
1. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by members or third parties due to delayed or interruption of services on this site for any reason.
2. We shall not be liable for the accuracy of information obtained through the use of the service of this site, and compatibility to specific purposes.
3. We shall not be liable for any damages due to information obtained through the use of the service of this site.
4. If there is a dispute between members, other members or third parties regarding the information and services provided through this site, members shall solve this at their own cost and responsibility and do not damage us. I will do it.
5. We shall not be liable for the implementation of debts related to transactions such as the sale and selling of goods such as the sale and selling of goods between members and third parties through this site, and disputes arising on other transactions.
6. We shall not be liable for any problems that arise from the registration information of members based on Article 4, Paragraph 2 and 3.

Article 15 About this service provision
1. How to apply
This site shall apply for this service.
2. Application time
"We will accept the product for 24 hours, but we may not be able to accept the application due to the maintenance of the server. In this case, we will not be responsible for any responsibility.
3. Indicated price
The price display will be displayed in tax.
4. Delivery fee and cash transfer fee
Since the delivery fee varies depending on the product and the area to be sent, the members must check each product details page. In addition, members who have used this service will bear the cash on delivery fee.
5. Payment method
The payment method of the price generated by using this service shall be due to credit card payment, pre -bank transfer, substitute payment, PayPal payment, Amazon Pay, and NP postpayment. Cabinet payment is a payment method that pays the price in exchange for the delivery of the product when delivering the product.
6. As of the time of the contract
When the "Order Confirmation Email" is sent to the customer, a sales contract shall be established between the customer and our company regarding the order you ordered.
7. Purchase slip
We will replace the "purchase slip" with an "order confirmation email" sent by e -mail to the member, so please keep it in a safe place.
8. Addressee
Delivery destinations are limited to Japan.
9. Delivery date
Normally, we will ship within 2 business days after receiving your order. However, please note that it may be delayed due to inventory issues.
10. Cancellation / return / exchange
(1) You can cancel within 24 hours from the order date and time. If you would like to cancel the contract, please contact us at this site.
(2) Cancellation after delivery is accepted within 30 days.
(3) Regardless of the preceding paragraph, the following products cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.
・ Products that have passed 30 days or more after the arrival of the product
(4) If there is a clear defect in the product or if the product is different, we will bear the shipping cost for returned goods. In the case of returned or exchanging due to customer's convenience, such as if you do not like the product, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
11. guarantee
Product malfunctions due to manufacturing defects shall be repaired and replaced during the customs period of the customer. This is not the case with deterioration and wear for use.
12. Other precautions
(1) A part of the delivered product may differ slightly from the product provided on the website due to changes in specifications by the manufacturer.
(2) Product photos posted on the homepage are photographed by the real thing, but if you see them through the monitor, the color tone may be different if you see the real thing directly.
(3) Please note that we will not be responsible for the e -mails delivered to our customers and the inconvenience of e -mails sent from our customers to our company and the issues caused by garbled characters.
(4) If several products are ordered and some products are out of stock, it may be delivered after all of the ordered products depending on our discretion.

Article 16
Regarding this site, if the necessity of a lawsuit occurs between us and members, the Sapporo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.

Article 17 compliant law
The Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, effect, and interpretation of these Terms.

that's all
Enacted on March 10, 4th, 4th